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I guess this is the best way to do this. There aren’t many options for me to defend myself as there’s no way I should drag up old wounds on my you tube channel when things have been going well.

I am shaking right now.  Ok, I’m going to address this directly to the woman, like a letter, instead of a general blog. That is likely the best way to do this.

First, when I commented on your channel long ago, I did not talk about other people, except generally about the misogyny on you tube, and once possibly mentioned the screen name of mr1001nights, which was nothing personal at all.  It might be a channel you want to check some time, but it’s irritating. Iremythpurr can tell you about him.

So this is one of the things that scares me about you, your harsh rush to judgement. There is an anti-feminist online that spent his days harassing me and even opened up 100 channels to do so.  He posted videos doc dropping me to 40 of them, including my family, and shut them down when people talked sense to him. This person is key to the messes that came up later.

Different Situation:

I got involved with this guy online in a totally inappropriate situation. He shared some private pictures with me, and eventually, when I tried to break off this stupid, stupid situation with him, he went to the first guy I mentioned. They harassed me together. At this point everyone knew I had these stupid pictures and we joked about them, and I would ask my close feminist friends if they wanted them, knowing at least one would say NO THANK YOU. It was a joke. One of these people dollsnatch pretended to be a friend of mine, and wanted to see them so we shared. That was that. I talked to her daily on skype, and considered her a friend.

They try to tell it differently- it is not different than this. I also had some inappropriate material from another guy friend of mine, and dollsnatch was let in on those, only her.  This was very stupid, but we constantly joked on skype, and she’s a lot of fun and we shared lots of strange things together.

Now that it’s turned into a public mess of course I feel like an ass.

The way it all exploded- a series of events happened with myself and iremythpurr. She got very hostile with me because I associated with this conservative dude a bit, that was one thing she found distasteful, and then I posted Aileen Wurnos confession after she had posted her video calling AW a feminist hero. She was pretty upset with me and I explained that maybe there was more to be said about the situation, but I found this online. Well turns out there is more, the confession is probably bunk. But ire and I had been running pals on you tube doing the feminist fight for about a year, and she had seen how I fight as an anti porn feminist tooth and nail with people that harass her, and it seems my sincerity should have shown. I backed her play all over the place in very rough circumstances.  She is outright persecuted on the Tubes. One could definitely see it that way, considering what she went through over that year.

We didn’t fall out because I was evil. It was for whatever reason. But when she falls out with people she gets mean and is NOT truthful and neither is dollsnatch. The guy’s pictures got spread around because of them. This is a known issue and others know this is true, but at this point we’re wounded from this, and I’d rather not have to have help defending myself.

Guess who they gave my best friend’s pictures to? The guy that harasses feminists, has driven one offline already, you know the one that doc dropped me in total over 100 times over time. He publishes things about my disabled son as well.

You are wrong.

Dollsnatch sent my best friend’s full name and intimate material to this doc dropper feminist stalker. THIS is why I talked about her mother once or twice. She has no shame. Her channel is full of slander and personal attacks.  So nice try titsillator.

I have talked about you like once and you deserved what I said in my opinion, and I do not go around talking about you every chance I get.  Nice try again. What else are you not so careful about when you speak?

The people involved know they are lying about what happened, and I’m glad I don’t live in their skin.

For you to use me as some example of an online weirdo doc dropper is …wow. It prompts me to write this. I perceive that you are a bully that thinks that’s ok if the cause is right. This is not the right cause. You made an error in judgement.

Now I have no idea how to get this to you without causing a problem.


Oh, PS I just read this and it’s cold. I like your videos. This situation has caused me more anguish than you can imagine.  These are wounds for me, and it’s tough getting lied about it’s like a nightmare. I’m cold because I want to make this short.  It’s awful to be flagged. This channel I have now is one that’s finally been here a little while, I was not allowed on you tube for some time, people flagged anything I posted.  It’s a shitty feeling.  I hope you can stay.


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