The Right Wing Rioters

In Uncategorized on August 13, 2011 at 6:11 pm

*This blog addresses the thuggery of theft and violence, not political unrest.


There is no society, there are only individuals.

I really really want that and societal conditions right now are ripe for me taking it, so I will.

I value those things and am exercising my initiative to get those things. I like things. Things mean more than social order.

I will take these things at someone else’s expense.

I will use violence to get what I want.


This last one is the most abstract.  Many have argued that in cases of war, and state sanctioned violence, most instances are just as unethical and greed mongering as rioters and looters.  I want to acknowledge this last one will be abstract to some, so as not to detract from my message.

I do not identify with lower class greed any more than I identify with those who go through institutions to break the laws instead of store front windows.

We know who causes the most damage to society. How many people will lose their homes and jobs because of what the rioters have done? How do the figures between the two groups compare?

But Stranahan got me thinking…what are the values? White collar crime is perpetrated on average people and not done to feed families. The opportunistic looters taking advantage of lax enforcement stealing luxury items come to mind.  Stranahan asked something along the lines of would you excuse your child’s behavior and blame social ills?  I thought, no way.

I don’t identify with right wing rap music. The kind that is me me me, take take take, and the things they are taking and the power they are lording is morally bankrupt, but reminds me of another group fleecing the people.

I do not relate to either expression of this SAME value system.

There are many wealthy people out there that absolutely HATE people. My grandfather was one of them. Money was everything and anyone who ideologically opposed that was some liberal parasite. Sometimes people cannot smell themselves. Sometimes parasites like to point to other parasites, very Jungian.

The rioters are the conservative shadow. My intention is not to start a semantic debate.  If a true “conservative” is not given justice here, then alright. I’m not stuck on terms, how about Libertarian, no? But we know what I’m getting at. The parties that enable the immoral grabs that cost millions of  livelihoods. Those immoral people.  Show me liberals systematically doing this.  It’s ok if you give me even one isolated example. That’s fine, we have to start somewhere.

Politics of ‘I hate the poor, but only because I know my own stinky greedy human nature, and assume that’s what’s going on there, and so all policies I create are meant to cripple them. LET THEM EAT CAKE’ is what I’m talking about. Don’t say let them eat cake and then complain when they grab yours, you’re just as filthy. The cake is a lie.

If these two groups were the subjects of study and given questionnaires that were meant to identify their values and views of human nature, I have very little doubts they would have a very grim view of human nature, and a lofty view of bling bling. I would imagine the results of the two parties could be interchanged, and one would not know who is who.   I would wager both parties sound like an Ayn Rand echo chamber.


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