It’s hard when

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People deny facts about rape and violence against women, and then when some woman, obviously not a feminist, hurts a man in any way, people use this as another tool to hurt all women .

Recently, clearly not a feminist or  genius, Sharon Osbourne made jokes about a violent crime committed against a man. She made penis jokes, and the man was dismembered. People rightfully were angry with her, and took the opportunity to raise awareness and sensitivity about jokes of this nature. Just because he’s a man that does not make it ok.

But here it comes. Some how women or whoever, are not reacting enough or strongly enough and it’s things like this that open up the floodgates for more abuse of women and feminists.

Not everyone is doing this, but also, it’s hard when feminists are aware of the constant jokes against women, jokes about rape, battered women, violence against women, and the even more serious problem aside from jokes, the actual denial of battery and rape.

Sometimes jokes are made to keep people  “in their place”.  Humor is used for many different things. Sick humor is used to keep people in their places. Now if it’s “OK” to joke about men like that, meaning it appears invisible, we know this relates to the very real power imbalance between the genders.  These women who joke like this are  keeping men in their places of untouchable power and dehumanizing them as individuals. What was said actually reinforces the power imbalance that does exist. It keeps men as entities to have no compassion for, similar to how we might feel about the CEO of Enron, or BP, or the leader of the KKK. Is that person a person?

So there’s nothing really cool about what those women on the talk show did.
But… feminists are like oh boy…here it comes another excuse to abuse FEMINISTS and women.

If someone in the media made a joke about a woman dead from a spousal dismembering, or th e victim of that, one…it would be surprising that would even make the news IT IS SO COMMON, and so first, think about this and  start to feel our anger there, and let’s move on….

So first it’s surprising that it’s even talked about, second if there is an outrage, then there is a BACKLASH to that outrage. Feminists have no sense of humor. Then that actually becomes part of a stereotype. Remember that video that asshole Zaunstar did? Yeah. “see you can joke about things” . That condescending jerk never would say that to any other group striving for equality raising awareness about hatred toward their particular group.

See, trans people, come on it’s a cross dressing joke! Gosh LIGHTEN UP.

So PART of how I feel about this is, you want to bitch like feminists about the jokes-JOKES in poor taste? You can get the backlash too.

When I tweet these little soundbytes. People don’t get the full meaning. They can’t get where I’m coming from, so this is the exlpainy blog.

Not by any means all I think on this topic, but I had better stop here.

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