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Back from blog break

In Uncategorized on June 21, 2011 at 12:38 pm

I had left off adding to this blog because of my health. Now, I’ve just come in and made private all previous entries so I can use this again and make it public. The other entries were made when I was off YT and I’m not sure I want them public, although they’re not of a personal nature, they send a dark vibe to me. They’re in that place in my  memory from a time, not so fun.

I have been feeling really odd. I would like to post videos and can’t do it, and usually if  I’m not feeling well I can’t write at all. This episode here is kind of different, I’m going to try to write some things. I believe everyone has cycles regarding communication and creativity, and right now I’m on “input” meaning I want to read, watch absorb, think research, but can’t bring my self to any out put no matter how passionately I feel about a subject. I feel this is just some cycling, but who knows how long it will last.

My illness does have a part in this however, and my personal life of moving has a role. I used to write every day for hours, poems all my thoughts, etc. This was done on my breaks at work, between classes, etc.  It seemed to me I would never stop that, it seemed a part of me, but once I was involved in you tube it was hard for me to write. Most of that was stress from harassment, but I would imagine I will cycle back into my prolific pattern again at some point.  I’m pretty sure my future husband hopes so.

Twitter is likely responsible for pulling me up little by little. I feel I want to express myself more, and the character limit is a real incentive. I came over to this blog today because I was tweeting some Israel stuff that could appear as though I’m stirring shit with Diana, because there is one tweet I made about the dog article and Hamas. It’s just that twitter is too short for me to elaborate or show good faith. Lately I’ve been looking at Diana’s tweets and I saw she tweeted an article about the stoning of  a dog that was either misinformation or a hoax, but whatever the case it was all Israel from what I gather. Israel papers, Israeli reporters, completely inside in house controversy. So I found it odd that she kept laughing and saying ‘some of you believed this, lol’. I don’t get that. It’s possible I just misread the article, but sounds like it was an in-house mistake and had nothing to do with outside haters.

Another thing is, I tried to watch her video called “go live under Hamas”, but it froze up and I got impatient, but by the title, I tweeted that Hamas is not the issue, in effect. Israel has more power over the Gaza strip than Hamas does. It’s their policies and cruelty that cause the problems people are complaining about. Israel is powerful and popular with the United States. Their weaponry is the most advanced on the globe. That’s a complete opposite to the people residing in the Gaza strip. It’s like the pentagon complaining about south central Los Angeles, and invoking the Black Panther party to boot.

I have to close for now only because I’m out of time. I’ll try to use this as a place to elaborate on any tweets.